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Proceedings of the Ninth Wildlife Damage Management Conference, Part 1

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This file includes frontmatter and pages 1-76.The 9th WDMC was held October 5-8, 200, at State College, PA. Editors of this volume are Margaret C. Brittingham, Jonathan Kays, and Rebecka McPeake.


History and Future of Wildlife Damage Management Conference--D. J. Decker;
A History of Wildlife Damage Management: Twelve Lessons for Today--R.M. Timm;
What Are the Research Needs and Skills of the Future?--R. D. Curnow;
What Will the Disease Issues of the Future Be?--R. G. McLean;
Turkey Damage Survey: A Wildlife Success Story Becoming Another Wildlife Damage Problem--J. E. Miller, B. C. Tefft, M. Gregonis, andR. E. Eriksen;
TECHNICAL SESSION : 20/20: THE LATEST NEWS IN WILDLIFE DAMAGE MANAGEMENT: Evaluation of Moderate- and Low-Powered Lasers for Dispersing Double-Crested Cormorants from Their Night Roosts--J. F. Glahn, G. Ellis, P. Fiornelli, andB. S. Dorr;
Bada Bang, Bada Boom: Dispersal of Fall Migrating Cormorants to Protect Sportfish on Oneida Lake, New York--R. B. Chipman, M. Richmond, J. T. Gansowski, K. J. Preusser, D. L. Stang, J. Coleman, and D. Slate;
Bird Damage to Tropical Fruit in South Florida-E. A. Tillman, A. Van Doom, andM. L. Avery;
Seven Years of White-tailed Deer Immunocontraceptive Research at Penn State University: A Comparison of Two Vaccines--L. A. Miller and G. J. Killian;
The Use of Border Collies in Avian and Wildlife Control Programs--N.B. Carter