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Proceedings of the 15th Wildlife Damage Management Conference. (J. B. Armstrong, G. R. Gallagher, Eds). 2013.


Loss of habitat and predation are two of the primary reasons given for recent bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) population declines in the southeastern United States. However, the bobwhite quail remains a favored game species of many hunters throughout the southeastern states, a fact that is reflected in the many private and commercial quail plantations advertising quail hunts. A survey of private and commercial landowners in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida was conducted to determine the significance of predator control programs in the respondents’ management plans. Survey questions aimed to assess the respondents’ attitudes towards predators of bobwhite quail, the extent to which predators were controlled, and the perceived return of the implemented predator control programs. Results will be examined for which mammalian predator species are more commonly removed, which predator control practices are most common, and the cost and perceived return of such practices between private and commercial quail plantation owners and among the southeastern states.