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Proceedings of the Ninth Wildlife Damage Management Conference, Part 4

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Part 4: This file includes pages 235-376.
The 9th WDMC was held October 5-8, 200, at State College, PA.
Editors of this volume are Margaret C. Brittingham, Jonathan Kays, and Rebecka McPeake.
Wildlife Damage in the Suburbs: Conflicts in a Human-Wildlife Landscape---R. Field;
Communicating About Suburban Deer Management: Tailoring the Message to the Stakeholders--T. B. Lauber and B. A. Knuth;
Conditioning and Habituation of White-tailed Deer to Two Common Deterrents--G. R. Gallagher, J. L Peacock, E. P. Garner, and R. H. Prince;
The Islip Deer Initiative: A Strategy for Stakeholder Involvement in Deer Management--W. F. Siemer, D. J. Decker, M. D. Lowery, and J. E. Shanahan ;
Perceptions of White-tailed Deer Abundance and Management Among Hunters and Landowners in Illinois--C. A. Miller and P. Shelton;
Landowners' Perceptions of White-tailed Deer Damage to Crops in Tennessee--D. L. Johnson, J. M. Fly, and L. I. Muller;
Radio Telemetry and Geographical Information Systems to Assess Urban Deer Zoonoses--K. M. Hollis, C. L. Anchor, J. E. Chelsvig, D. R. Etter, J. P. Dubey, R. E. Warner, and L. L. Hungerford;
Behavioral Observations and Physiological Implications for White-tailed Deer Treated with Two Different Immunocontraceptives--G. J. Killian and L. A. Miller;
Den Site Selection and Movement Patterns of Female Raccoons Following Removal and Exclusion from Residences--A. J. DeNicola andM. A. O'Donnell;
Resolving Conflicts with Canada Geese: An Animal Welfare Perspective--J. Hadidian, M. Childs, N. Perry, and P. Lane;
A Comparison of Grass Covers and Meadow Vole Populations in North Carolina--W. T. Sullivan and J. G. Vandenbergh;
Suburban Goose Management: Insights from New York State--B.L. Swift;
Special Resident Canada Goose Hunting Seasons in Pennsylvania - Management Implications for Controlling Resident Canada Geese--J. P. Dunn and K. J. Jacobs;
Evaluations of Nicarbazin Treated Pellets for Reducing the Laying and Viability of Canada Goose Eggs--K. C. VerCauteren, M. J. Pipas, andK. L. Tope;
Closing - Conference Summary--J. M. Miller.
Variation of White-tailed Deer Home Ranges in Fragmented Urban Habitats Around Chicago, Illinois--B. P. Piccolo, K. M. Hollis, R. E. Warner, T. R. Van Deelen, D. R. Etter, and C. Anchor;
Investigations of Methods to Reduce Damage by Voles--G. W. Witmer, A. A. Hakim, and B. W. Moser;
Effectiveness of Anise as a Coyote Lure--C. P. Jagnow and R. Mason;
Porcine Zona Pellucida Vaccine (ZonaCon) as Immunocontraceptive in Deer--L. A. Miller, G. J. Killian, and P. D. Curtis;
Effects of Intense Deer Herbivory on the Herbaceous Understory at Trillium Trail--T. Knight, S. Kalisz, L. Smith, and J. Davis;
ReJex It® Bird Repellents - Mode of Action--P.F. Vogt;
Field Evaluation of a Visual Barrier to Discourage Gull Nesting--P. A. Pochop, J. L. Cummings, and R. M. Engeman;
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