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October 2000


It has been a distinct pleasure for me to have attended and participated in each of the previous eight Eastern Wildlife Damage Management Conferences, dating back to 1983, as a member of the planning committees, as well as for this first Wildlife Damage Management Conference. I have enjoyed participating, learning from each conference, as well as visiting with old friends and colleagues and meeting new colleagues. Although I have been around long enough to know that no matter how hard you try you can't please everyone, I ask those of you who enjoyed participating in this Conference to join me in giving a hand to Gary San Julian, Deb Ellis, the members of the planning committee, all the fine sponsors and exhibitors, and the speakers and moderators who made this Conference a success. Thanks also to all of you who attended and participated in the sessions, and I commend those students who presented papers as well as those who assisted in the logistics over the past several days and in handling the audiovisuals and lighting for the sessions.