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April 2007


Published in the Proceedings of the 12th Wildlife Damage Management Conference (D.L. Nolte, W.M. Arjo, D.H. Stalman, Eds). 2007.


(Canis latrans) in urban/suburban environments continues to increase countrywide. These incidents have created a need for a systematic means of evaluating the perceived need for control to determine first if control is necessary and would it be effective in solving the problem. Generally we have found the public is uninformed and surprised by their first sighting or encounter with coyotes. We have taken an approach that allows us to evaluate the clients concerns and enable us to make recommendations to them on possible control methods that might be effective, practical, and economically feasible for any given situation. Most calls from the public do not require control and we need to save time and money for the client and ourselves as a business. This model decision process could be used by anyone to evaluate urban coyote conflicts in deciding if control was needed or warranted.