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April 2007


Published in the Proceedings of the 12th Wildlife Damage Mangement Conference (D.L. Nolte, W.M. Arjo, D.H. Stalman, Eds). 2007.


A web site, www.CoyoteBytes.org, has been developed as a tool to provide sciencebased management recommendations to homeowners and municipal officials on methods to reduce conflicts with coyotes (Canis latrans) in urban and suburban areas. Such conflicts include aggression toward or attacks on children and adults; attacks on pet dogs and cats; attacks on hobby animals, such as poultry, sheep, and goats; and damage to drip irrigation systems, garden crops, and to other resources. In addition to providing information, the website allows individuals to upload photos or video clips of urban and suburban coyotes, and to submit firsthand reports detailing the circumstances surrounding such conflicts. The information that will be collected concerning coyote encounters and incidents should, over time, provide a means for a more complete analysis of this problem, thereby improving our management recommendations.