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April 2007


Published in Proceedings of the 12th Wildlife Damage Management Conference (D.L. Nolte, W.M. Arjo, D.H. Stalman, Eds). 2007.


When coyotes first arrived in Vancouver, BC they brought surprise, myths, and concern to the public as they grew comfortable in our city parks, golf courses, and neighborhoods. The Co-existing with Coyotes (CWC) program was created in 2001 and is based on the recommendations of a research project about public perceptions on urban coyotes. This program aims to reduce conflict between coyotes, pets, and people by providing information to both targeted and general audiences as well as providing a direct response to individual coyotes that are starting to, or are displaying, behavior of concern. The general public is reached through an information phone line, the distribution of brochures and posters, website resources, and permanent signs in parks and green spaces. Specific audiences are taught through the ‘Coyotes 101’ school program, interpretive walks, and presence at public events. Program staff coordinate with public agencies to locate, evaluate, and use non-lethal deterrents whenever possible with problem coyotes. The CWC program has begun its 7th year of operation and has played a key role in reducing conflict between people and coyotes in the greater Vancouver area.