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October 1973


I have several short thoughts I would like to share with you. This conference has presented few new methods, but most of you do not need a new method to solve many of the problems you encounter. Some of the old methods, if used with much enthusiasm, will work just as well. One reason that few new methods are being developed is the time taken for the development of old methods. I would like to leave you with one thought, and I think this is particularly urgent in the chemical area. We have been trying to develop chemical agents for over ten years. To do this, though, it becomes a contest where we have to purchase crops and develop the microanalytical technology to determine presence of the chemical at very low levels. We have to determine population densities during testing and numerous other factors. I really believe there is an emergency relative to grain materials; and the time being taken to develop new techniques, and to test the old ones, is increasing the emergency situation. I believe there is interest in getting this information in as short a period of time as possible, and I think this is the direction we need to go.