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October 1973


I was listed to speak about bird control on industrial sites, so I have selected three or four of the more interesting jobs that we have worked on over the past ten years. Naturally the ones that the pest control firms call us about are those that they have tackled from several different angles and been unable to solve. As a result of this, we have had several really interesting bird control jobs in conjunction with pest control firms. I think each one of them will point out different problems and ways to solve them. The first of the jobs is a large trailer manufacturing company in Indiana, and it involves sparrows. The building covered about 20 acres. There was a railroad along one side, and the other whole side was a truck dock. Look- ing at a vertical view of this, you have the dock here and an overhang here, trusses in here, and a continuous bunch of doors -- large doors that more or less were open most of the time. And this was all wood; there was no steel, no tie-rods. The second job I would like to talk about involved a large steel mill in the east. We were called on for help. The mill was about one-third mile long; it was a huge mill, and they had a pigeon population there of approximately 200-300 birds. There were openings and open skylights all along the roof and huge doors on the side where the rail cars went in.