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October 1973


Now that Avitrol has been registered for use on field corn, the next step is to get the chemical registered for use on other crops. Two of the most important are sweet corn and sunflowers. Accordingly, personnel at the Bureas of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Sandusky, Ohio field station planted 16 experimental plots each in Sandusky and Ottawa Counties in Ohio this past summer to gather data on the efficacy of Avitrol when used on sweet corn and sunflowers. Of the 16 plots in each county, eight were sunflower plots, eight were corn plots. We applied Avitrol to four of the eight plots containing each crop in each area. So, in effect, in each county we had four Avitrol sunflower plots, four control sunflower plots, four Avitrol sweet corn plots, and four control sweet corn plots.