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September 1968


I have been asked to inform you of the status of the Avitrol Bird Management Process developed by Phillips Petroleum Company. The Avitrol method of bird control is available to all pest control operators throughout the United States through a licensing arrangement with Phillips. At the start of our marketing program, exclusive licenses were offered to pest control operators on a territorial basis, with each licensee being permitted to grant sublicenses in his territory. This program did not prove satisfactory, because not enough pest control operators were sublicensed to make the process available when and where needed. Beginning in the latter part of 1967 the licensing policy was changed and no longer is licenses granted on an exclusive basis—all are non-exclusive, and licensees are not restricted to a specific territory of operation within the United States. The licensee has no accounting or reporting chores such as a license agree-ment usually requires, because the price he pays for treated grain includes all royalty. Each licensee does need to provide us a certificate of liability insurance indicating adequate coverage and show that he is financially solvent. As of this date the Avitrol process is licensed to approximately 80 pest control companies who have over three hundred branches throughout the U.S.A. There are two licensees for the process in Canada—one in Ontario and one in Quebec. We have registered with the United States Department of Agriculture eleven labels which cover various types of grains such as corn, sorghum, rice, etc., for control of sparrows, feral pigeons, certain blackbirds, and crows; and bread and French fried potatoes for starlings in foodlots, and gulls on and around airports.