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September 1968


Starlicide is described as a slow-acting avicide for the control of starlings and blackbirds around livestock and poultry operations. The active ingredient is 3 -chloro-p-toluidine hydrochloride which has been identified by the Denver Re-search Center of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as DRC-1339. A casual review of information about this bird control material suggests the following paradoxes: The use of the chemical in bird control appears to be covered by a patent, but the licensor wishes to remain anonymous. The licensee, which produces and sells the commercial material, seems unwilling to discuss the product. Let me hasten to point out that these apparent incongruities can be attri-buted to numerous factors which range from the emotional response of some segments of the public, to the cold-blooded review of budgets and profit and loss statements by businessmen in our free enterprise system.