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Proceedings Ninth Bird Control Seminar, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, October 4-6, 1983. Ed. William B. Jackson and Beth Jackson Dodd


Copyright © 1983 R. W. Summers, G.C. Pritchard, and H.B.L. Brookes


Transmissible gastro-enteritis (TGE) is an economically important viral disease of pigs in Britain, particularly in East Anglia. Starlings are often abundant at pig farms where they feed on pig food. The close association between starlings and pigs has led farmers to believe that starlings transmit TGE from one farm to another, but evidence has been circumstantial. The following study was designed to establish whether starlings do move between farms. Starlings which were wing-tagged at a pig farm were relocated at 25 other sites, including eleven other pig farms, so the possibility that starlings can transmit TGE from one farm to another cannot be ruled out.