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Proceedings Ninth Bird Control Seminar, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, October 4-6, 1983. Ed. William B. Jackson and Beth Jackson Dodd


Copyright (c) 1983 Harry A. G. Harris


Owing to the concentrated and severe nature of blackbird depredation on corn and sunflower crops in the Portage la Prairie area of Southern Manitoba, a group of area farmers formed the Central Plains Special Crops Protection Association to examine this problem during 1979. With financial support from Agro-Man, a Federal-Provincial cost sharing sub-agreement, they established a pilot project demonstrating field control techniques during the 1980 crop season. In a total of 40 fields surveyed for damages, demonstration fields suffered damages averaging 1.7% and 2.8% (weight of crop loss) for corn and sunflowers respectively (range: 6.3-0.1 % corn; 6.1-0.1 % sunflowers) compared to 17.5% and 12.0% averages on non-demonstration field (range: 44.6-1.9% corn; 62.4-0.1 % sunflowers). These results were considered promising enough to justify a four year study commencing in 1981.