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Date of this Version

November 1976


Some of the problems that I am aware of are:

I. Grain producers

A. Rice - sprout pulling – blackbirds- damage to standing grain - blackbirds

B. Grain sorghum - sprout pulling - blackbirds and crows-damage to grain - blackbirds

C. Corn - sprout pulling - blackbirds and crows- damage to ears - blackbirds

D. Fall-seeded wheat and oats - sprout pulling - blackbirds

II. Other producers

A. Pecans - crows and blackbirds

B. Watermelons - crows

C. Livestock operations - blackbirds, Starlings, crows

III. Homeowners - woodpeckers

IV. Winter bird roosts - concentrations of blackbirds, starlings and robins with the noxious odors and filth that result and the possible public health problems that may develop.