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November 1976


At the present time we are under contract from the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission to study three aspects of Kentucky starling-blackbird roost problems: (1) a study of birds killed this coming winter through PA-14 treatments, to obtain more accurate data on species composition, sex ratios, kill success and food items; (2) a compilation of breeding and wintering data on Kentucky populations through analysis of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service summer bird counts and banding returns; and (3) a study of spore dispersal of various fungal species, most notably Histoplasma capsulatum, from roost sites. The winter sampling is yet to be done, as sprayings most likely will not be undertaken until December. The analysis of population figures is complete and will be partially reported herein, as some data may be of significance for application to future management efforts. The histoplasmosis study began in June 1976 and will continue throughout the winter and spring; some preliminary results are deemed of significance to management efforts and are also reported herein.