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November 1976


For the bird control problems in the food industry I think we have a good pair to work with us. We have Bob Yeager, a pest control authority. Fred Baur is from Procter and Gamble, a great company with a long record of association with the pest control industry. Third, we have with us Jim Dupre, whose experience is with the Food and Drug Administration. And with all the government controls we've learned to expect from the government in the last few years, I think it's good for us to know that we have had a long and good record of association with Food and Drug. They have helped us in many ways with our work. We're going to have three informal presentations. Bob Yeager will start off and give us the PCO viewpoint. We will then follow with Fred Baur, who will give us the industry viewpoint and also have some slides to look at. And then we'll finish with Jim Dupre, who will give us the agency philosophy and some of the things they look for in their inspection work.