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Date of this Version

June 2006


Canada’s Inter-agency Wild Bird Influenza Survey—Results from 2005
Devil’s Lake Pathogen Surveys
Wildlife Health Alert—Adenoviral Hemorrhagic Disease of Deer
Anticoagulant Rodenticide Toxicity in Birds
Salmonellosis Returns to the Maritime Provinces’ Passerine Bird Populations
Skin Disease in Canada Geese
Escherichia albertii in Songbirds on Prince Edward Island
Illegal Shooting of Raptorial Birds in the Province of Quebec from 1986 to 2004
Nocardiosis in a Juvenile Hooded Seal (Cystophora cristata)
Autopsy of the Beluga Whales Necropsy Program: Two Decades of Data
Schistosomiasis-related Mortality in Ring-billed Gulls
Common Toxicological Problems of Ontario Wildlife
Fenthion Poisoning in Black-billed Magpies (Pica pica)
Demodecosis in a Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemonius) from Saskatchewan
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