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July 1993


Work Underway at CCWHC
Residents in Wildlife Pathology
Rabies in Canadian Wildlife
Drowning of herring gull chicks
Antifreeze poisoning in a raccoon
Egg binding in a cormorant and a northern gannet
Loon mortality
Unhatched piping plover eggs
Salmonellosis in ring-billed gull
Lead poisoning of swans
Loon Mortalities
Pesticide poisoning of birds
Congenital defects in piscivorous birds
Yersiniosis in beavers
Canine distemper
Mycotoxins in blighted grain: a risk to waterfowl?
Anthrax in bison in the Northwest Territories
Duck plague in British Columbia
Strychnine poisoning in gulls
Tree swallow nestling mortality
Phorate poisoning in northern harriers