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January 1995


Loon Survey to Continue in 1996 on a Fully National Scale
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Waterfowl Die-off in Mexico
Newcastle Disease in Double-crested Cormorants - Summer 1995
The Northward March of Raccoon Rabies - Update
Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease on the Loose in Australia
Verminous pneumonia in red foxes
Common Loons: Complex Causes of Mortality
Parvovirus in Raccoons
Giardia in Voles
Beluga Whales in the St Lawrence Estuary
Insecticide Poisoning in Robins
Emaciated Great Horned Owls
Parvovirus and Trichinosis in Urban Raccoons
Botulism At Pakowki Lake, 1995
The Case of the Killer Cookies: Apparent Chocolate Poisoning of Gulls
Unusual Mortality of Franklin's Gulls in Saskatchewan
Pelican deaths caused by storm
Pesticide poisonings in eagles - Update