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July 1994


The woodchuck (Marmota monax), a member of the squirrel family, is also known as the “ground hog” or “whistle pig.” It is closely related to other species of North American marmots. It is usually grizzled brownish gray, but white (albino) and black (melanistic) individuals can occasionally be found. The woodchuck’s compact, chunky body is supported by short strong legs. Its forefeet have long, curved claws that are well adapted for digging burrows. Its tail is short, well furred, and dark brown.

Exclusion: Buried welded or woven wire fences. Single-strand electric fences.
Frightening Devices: Scarecrows and other effigies.
Repellents: None are registered.
Toxicants: None are registered.
Fumigants: Gas cartridges. Aluminum phosphide.
Trapping: Live traps. No. 2 leghold traps. Conibear® traps.
Shooting: Effective where legal and safe.