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June 2006


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B. marinus is a heavily built toad with short legs. It can grow upto 15 cm long sometimes. Fingers lack webbing, but the toes are heavily webbed. Adults have a rough, warty skin, colored tan, brown or dark brown, dull green or black. The tympanum is distinct, about one half to two thirds the size of the eye. Venom glands are widely distributed around the surface of the skin, but can also be aggregated together to form large parotoid glands, found on each shoulder. these glands are able to ooze venom. (Gautherot, 2000) Eggs are laid in long strands. Tadpoles are between 10 and 25 mm in length. The body and tail is dark brown or black (Lever, 2001). The male's mating call is a high pitched 'brrrr' resembling the sound of the dial tone of a telephone.(Gautherot, 2000)