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April 2007


Copyright 2005 North American Brown Tree Snake Control Team. Permission to use.


This is a preliminary announcement for the annual Brown Tree Snake working group Technical Meetings. These meetings are scheduled to occur between the 17th and 20th of April (a Tuesday through Friday). This meeting is open to the general public and interested parties.

The format of this meeting will be different from the previous brown tree snake working group technical meetings and participation is anticipated to be greater than the previous meetings. We currently have reserved space for up to 140 people at the Guam Hilton for the first day of the meeting. It is anticipated that attendance will be lower the following three days.

The first day of the meeting is intended to provide an opportunity for the broad range of individuals (dog handlers, technicians, biologists, administrative staff ,students) working on this issue regionally to get a comprehensive overview & update on the issue. The subsequent three days will be divided into "presentations and working sessions" related to specific topics. A business meeting will occur on the second day of the meeting . Sessions will be limited to three hours in the morning and afternoon. Sessions will be designed with in a manner to allow time for discussions.