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December 2007


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A “Summary of Trapping Regulations for Fur Harvesting in the United States and Canada” was originally conducted by the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Fur Resources Technical Subcommittee in 1995. Over the last decade trapping devices and methods, as well as the regulations that guide them have undergone changes. The summary data of furbearer trapping regulations contained in this report were gathered during the summer/fall of 2007 in an effort to capture those regulation changes and report the current conditions and restrictions within existing laws for the harvest of 26 species of furbearers by regulated trapping throughout the United States. The annual harvest of wild furbearers occurs under the conditions set forth in regulations promulgated within each state.

An on-line survey was developed and distributed to wildlife agencies in 49 U.S. states (excluding Hawaii). Information was compiled under five major categories: 1) training and licensing 2) bodygrip traps 3) foothold traps 4) trap placement and 5) snares. Response rate to the survey was 100%. The survey contained 113 questions.

Information presented on any page of this report is only a single component within more comprehensive regulations. To understand the full relevance and importance of any response, the listed information needs to be examined within the context and in concert with all other existing regulations. Despite these constraints, the information within this report is very useful to furbearer managers to help examine technologies and initiate and make furbearer management decisions. The Furbearer Conservation Technical Work Group of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is grateful to all agencies for their cooperation in gathering this information.