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Pigeons are found in virtually all urban and developed areas of the United States. They are considered a pest species and provided no protection under federal or state laws that safeguard other birds. Pigeons cause extensive property damage and are a source of public health risk and disease.

Pigeons are commonly poisoned with non-selective toxicants. OvoControl (brand of nicarbazin) provides a non-toxic and humane alternative -- contraception or “birth control” for birds. Developed in collaboration with the USDA National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, CO and Experiment Station in Gainesville, FL, OvoControl P for pigeons was registered by EPA in mid-2007. The product is now licensed in forty-nine states.

Avian contraception provides a population management tool for pigeons consistent with IPM principles. Contraception enhances population attrition and complements all existing exclusion and removal techniques.

The population control efficacy of OvoControl was recently tested at a site in San Diego, CA. Two locations were selected – one treated and one control. OvoControl was administered to a flock of 150 pigeons for a period of 12 months. The population of pigeons at the treated site declined by 53% during this period whereas the population of the control flock remained unchanged. Second year data will be reported in October, 2009.

The data collected in San Diego are consistent with larger scale studies conducted in Italy with a product based on the same active ingredients.