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Published in The Bulletin (1960) XLIX(3):176-185


The legislative act governing the importation of wild birds and animals into the State of California is set forth in Division 3, Chapter 2, Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Fish and Game Code. This law is specific in its treatment of all questionable species. The joint regulations of the Fish and Game Commission and the Department of Agriculture governing the importation of wild birds and animals, and conditions under which same may be kept in confinement are set forth in Part 3, Chapter 3, Section 671, Title 14 of the California Administrative Code.

All species and families listed in the regulations could adapt themselves to California's climate and geography causing enormous economic losses to agriculture and natural resources and in some instances could be detrimental to the health and welfare of the people. There are many other groups that are even more destructive but were deemed as not being fitted to adapt themselves to California's climate and geography.

Section 2122 of the Fish and Game Code requires the Department of Fish and Game to "furnish descriptions and other explanatory illustrative material concerning the wild animals which have been designated as undesirable and a menace to the native wildlife or to the agricultural interests of this State for the information and guidance of the enforcing officers." This information is set forth in a publication entitled "Laws and Regulations Governing the Importation of Wild Birds and Animals Into the State of California and Conditions Under Which Same May Be Kept in Confinement." It contains useful descriptions of the particular species that are covered by the act.

This information is intended to supplement the descriptions in the Department of Fish and Game publication by informing enforcement personnel of the reasons why the species listed in the act and regulations are either barred or restricted.