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January 1974


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Part 5—Appendix (pages A1–A13)
U.S. SURVEY RESULTS--The discussion, advantages, and disadvantages are the views of the province or state under which they appear. Information was obtained from questionnaires sent to the individual states on August 3, 1973. The following is a summary of the responses to this questionnaire and does not take into consideration any progress achieved since then.
Canadian Survey Results-- The following information concerning the Canadian provinces was supplied by Stan Webb o f Alberta for the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division, Department of Lands and Forests in Edmonton. Mr. Webb prepared a survey in the provinces similar to our survey in the United States in preparation o f a report entitled "Positive Identification of Big Game Meat Through Electrophoresis and Related Techniques." We would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Webb for giving us access to the information gathered.