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January 1976


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Most enforcement cases involving our laboratory deal with the identification of a blood stain or meat sample which is suspected to be deer. Determining whether it is, indeed, from deer is not difficult. But, if the sample is not deer, exact identification can prove to be a more time consuming and tedious process. To eliminate the need to obtain antiserum for each individual species and aid identification, we undertook an investigation on which species and the extent to which several species may cross react with antisera of some common birds and mammals, especially deer. Deer, cow, and raccoon were selected as the basic mammalian species, while chicken and mallard duck were selected for birds. Selection of chicken and bovine antisera was influenced by their commercia1 availability. We hoped to make it possib1e for other laboratories to duplicate some or our patterns, but antisera was found to differ from lot to lot even when purchased from the same serum supply company. Titer differences were also observed in our own antisera from one bleeding period to another.

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Factors Affecting Protein Patterns
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