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June 1995


Understanding the Eastern Coyote - Part II, by Thomas N. Tomsa, Jr., USDA-APHIS-ADC, Pennsylvania Book Review - "The Dirt Hole and Its Variations"
All Texas Counties Quarantined for Rabies
Ravenous Vultures Decimating Sheep & Calves on the East Coast
Four-Year-Old Dies of Rabies
The National Urban Wildlife Management Association (NUWMA) officially merged with NADCA, to create one larger, more effective organization to work for professional Animal Damage Control.
State-Endangered Species: Meaningful Management or Preservationist Politics?, by Richard B. Chipman, Wildlife Biologist, USDA-APHIS-ADC, Vermont
NADCA Membership Meeting
Trapping Weasels <
br>Jack H. Berryman 1995 Leopold Award Winner