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January 1983


THE PROBE National Animal Damage Control Association January, 1983
Bear behavior
Duck production.
Effects of coyote reduction on white-tailed deer productivity
Bait consumption and diethylstilbesterol influence on North Dakota red fox reproductive performance
California Voters On Gun Control
Annual Report of Agricultural Protection Board of Western Australia for 1982
Friends of Animals
Seen Any Black-footed Ferrets Lately?
An ammendment to the USDI appropriations bill which would ban all trapping in National Parks
Fur exports from the U.S.A. exceeded $500,000,000 last year.
Rat Poison for Gophers
Solid State Technology Comes to Fishing
LET'S TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT PREDATION by Dr. Bart O’Gara: stockmen exaggerate predator problems, ranchers believe every animal fed on is a kill, predators kill only the sick and weak, ranchers with predator problems are poor managers, ADC is inefficient and ineffective, Compound 1080 is the worst poison known.