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May 1991


National Animal Damage Control Association
MAY 1991
NADCA News From Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop
Student Awards Presented
By-laws Amended, Approved
Bill Fitzwater Recognized at NADCA Meeting
Membership Contest to Begin
Logo Contest to Begin
ADC Practices Are Generally Consistent With Legislation and Guidance
Animal Damage Control in the News
Mountain Lions Kill 10 Sheep in Nevada
Snow Geese Devastate Oklahoma Spinach Crop
Coyotes Troubling To Idaho Homeowners
Predator Platforms Deter Honey-Seeking Bears
Nutria Cause Major Damage in Sugar Cane
Mountain Lion Appears in Irvine, California Backyard
WLFA Wants to Protect “Your Right to Hunt, Trap, and Fish”
Prevention and Control Tips: Starlings
The President’s Corner