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June 1991


National Animal Damage Control Association
JUNE 1991
Animal Damage Control: Are We Prepared for the Next Century?
Animal Damage Control in the News
Jack Rabbit Population Fluctuates in Cyclical Patterns
Recovery Efforts for Ohio Warblers
Viscachas – New Garden Pests
Great Blue Heron Wipes Out Bass Brood Fish in Louisiana
48 Lambs Lost to Coyote Predation in Marin County, California
Measures Suggested to Prevent Gopher Damge to Underground Optic Cables
Wildlife Pamphlets to Display APHIS Logo
Rat Rodenticide Tested at DWRC, Hawaii Field Station
Prevention and Control Tips: Opossums
Registration Data Call-in For Zinc Phosphide
EPA Approves Quarterly Reports for Strychnine Registrations
Letters to the Editor
Share your Ideas in the NADCA Logo Contest
Membership Incentive Contest