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July 1996


Techniques and Expertise in Wildlife Damage Control: A Survey Among NADCA's Membership, by Dallas R. Virchow, University of Nebraska, and J. Russell Mason, Utah State University
NADCA Membership Survey
Rats' Rights Repealed in New Jersey
Texas Predators Dine on Exotics
Recipes for Nutria
Wildlife Damage to Aircraft Tallied
Airplane Hits Deer
Golfers Get Teed Off at Coots
Japanese Technologist Tackles Rodents
ADC To Tackle Gophers
Booklet Review: Missouri's Beaver: A Guide to Management, Nuisance Prevention, and Damage Control by Ron McNeely. Conservation Commission of the State of Missouri, 1995.
Elk Reintroduction and Meningeal Worms
South African Puppy, "Licky," Barely Survives Eagle Attack
Publications Available: The Proceedings of the 12th Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop (1995); The proceedings for a conference, "Private Property Rights and Responsibilities of Rangeland Owners and Managers"; Proceedings, 6th Eastern Wildlife Damage Management Conference (1993); Rangeland Wildlife (1996), edited by Paul R. Krausman, and published by the Society for Range Management
New "Animal Talk" Radio Program in Los Angeles, CA — Animal Issues Today
NWRC Announces Bird Research Leader
Sick Boy Who Wishes for Dream Hunt Incites Wrath of Animal Rightists
A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: From the WDAMAGE listserv: by Fred Lyass (pseudonym used by request)