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Date of this Version

January 1991


Registration of Alpha-Chloralose
Rice Seed Repellents
Perimeter Netting of Catfish Ponds
Frightening Devices for Coyotes
DRC-1339 Registration
DRC-1339 For Raven Control
Zinc Phosphide Registration
Coyote Attractant Research
Gas Cartridges
Coyote Bait Acceptance
Trapping is a Profession, Not a Sport
Bovine TB in Elk
NADCA Secretary Objects to Predator Article
Heart Transplants for Rats
Gallup Poll on Public Opinion of Animal Rightists Reaffirmed
Personnel Changes
Prevention and Control Tips: Tree Squirrels
Upcoming Meetings
President’s Corner
NADCA Official Sponsor of Fifth Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conference
Information on Snaring Needed by Maine Reader