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December 1997


Animal Rights Revisited
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Reports From the 4th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society
Techniques for Managing Predation on Domestic Livestock and Big Game Animals
Attitudes of Private and Public Land Managers in Wyoming Toward Beaver
Grizzly Bear-Cattle Interactions on Two Cattle Allotments in Northwest Wyoming
The Effects of Wolf Colonization on Coyote Behaviors
Video Review: “Rob Erickson’s Live Trapping Urban Beaver, Vols. 1-2”
Reed-Joseph Donates to NADCA
Riot Police Quell Big Mac Attack
Oregon Cougars on the Rise
Confronting Anti-Trap Initiatives
Current Status and Future Prospects for Mesurol as a Bird Repellent
Prescribed Predation Management: Predator Control to Enhance Recruitment in Big Game Populations
Restoration of Gray Wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming
Secondary Hazard Study Using Chlorophacinone-Contaminated Laboratory Rats Fed to Black-Billed Magpies (Pica pica)
Reducing Coyote Predation on Livestock Through Selective Control
Dispersal Characteristics and Landscape Use by Colonizing Wolves in the Rockies
Northern Bobwhite Population Response to Experimental Nest Predator Reduction: A Four-Year Pilot Study