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April 1997


Building a BASH Program* ("BASH stands for Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard), by Eugene LeBoeuf, Bird Strike Scientist, HQ Air Force Safety Center, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, and President, NADCA
Video Review: Pocker Gopher Trapping by Ken Carver

More Abstracts Published at the 3rd Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society
Social and economic assessment of black bear damage in coastal North Carolina, by Robert C. Maddrey and M.R. Pelton
Options for wildlife contraception in California, by Terry M. Mansfield
Cooperative beaver management in the Riding Mountain National Park region, by Constance E.L. Menzies, Richard K Baydack, and Jack E. DuBois
Wildlife damage management and its professional evolution, by James E. Miller
Biochemical and endocrinological aspects of immunocontraception, by Lowell A. Miller