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February 1999


A History of the Wildlife Services Program -- Donald W. Hawthorne, Gary L. Nunley, and Vivian Prothro, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services, Oklahoma and Texas Message from the President

Abstracts from the 5th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

Diverse Applications of Sharpshooting to Manage Abundant Deer Populations -- A.J. DeNicola, H.C. Frost, and K.E. Gustad.
Wildlife on Airports: A Fatal Attraction! -- R.A. DolbeerandS.E. Wright
An Empirical Model for Predicting Deer Population Trends in Suburban Chicago, Illinois -- DM. Etter, TJt. VanDeelen,R.E. Warner, andB.M. Hannon
Oral Vaccination Programs Against Canine Rabies in Texas -- M.G. Fearneyhough
Public Health and Safety Significance of Blackbird Roosts: Management Alternatives and Limitations -- KM. Garner and F.L. Boyd
A Comprehensive Program for Managing While-tailed Deer in Montgomery County, Maryland -- R.W. Gibbs, Jr., W.K. Hamilton, andJ.E. Hench
Habitat Use and Activity Patterns of Coyotes in Urban Tucson, Arizona -- ML. Grinder and P.R. Krausman
Prevalence and Distribution of Toxoplasmosis in Urban White-tailed Deer -- K.M. Hollis*, L.L. Hungerford, J.P. Dubey, C. Anchor, and J. Chelsvig
Black Bears Who Really Cares (?) -- DA. Immell, M.C. Bouloy, KL. Higgins, D.H. Jackson, andJ.P Sagar
Evaluation of Rabies Awareness among Middle School Students from Southern Texas -- A.E. Kresta and S.E. Henke