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March 1999


NADCA benefits its members
Fifth Annual Wildlife Control Technology Instructional Seminar
Bob Willging Fund Established
Woodstream Drops Victor Traps
Activist Gets 7 Years in Prison
Egret Control Goes Badly
Foxes Threaten Plovers in Maine
Controversy Boils In Arizona Predator Hunt Contests

Abstracts from the 5th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

The Prospect of Using Oral Vaccination to Control Rabies in Raccoons in the Northeast -- D.H. Lein and L.L. Bigler
Past and Current Methods for Controlling Rabies in Wildlife -- S.B. Linhart and C.L. Brown
Elimination of Fox Rabies from Ontario, Canada -- CD. Maclnnes
A Computer Model for Predicting Deer Damage to Apple Trees -- W.M. Mahaney, G.S. Boomer, and A H. Moen.
Wildlife and Automobiles: A Deadly and Costly Combination! -- T.A. Messmer, C.W. Hendricks, and P.W. Klimack.
Foraging Ecology of Adult Female Mountain Lions in Northeastern Oregon -- M.C. Nowak, G.W. Witmer, M.G. Henjum, andJJ. Akenson
Prey Switching and the Feeding Habits of Eastern Coyotes In Relation to the Densities of Snowshoe Hare and White-tailed Deer -- B.R. Patterson and F. Messier
Tactics to Prevent Raccoon Rabies from Becoming Enzootic in Ontario, Canada -- R.C. Rosatte, CD. Maclnnes, DJ. Donovan, DJ. Grieve, and M. R.. Allan
Distribution and Translocation of Wildlife Rabies: Should Wildlife Professionals Be Concerned? -- C.E. Rupprecht, J.S. Smith, J. Krebs, andJ. Childs