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April 1999


American White Pelicans: The latest avian problem for southeastern catfish producers -- D. Tommy King, USDAIAPHISIWS, National Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi Research Station, Mississippi State University, MS 39762
In Memoriam: William D. Fitzwater (1917-1999)
In Memoriam: Jack H. Berryman
Booklet Review: "Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments: A Technical Guide" by Arthur E. Smith, Scott R. Craven and Paul D. Curtis (1999). Jack Berryman Institute Publication 16, and Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Ithaca, NY. 42 pages. $10.00 (postpaid)
Video Review: "Suburban Goose Management: Searching for Balance." Produced by the Educational Television Center Media and Technology Services, Cornell University. (1998) VHS. Program length: 28 mins. $19.95 (postpaid)
Nuisance Wildlife Tips: Raccoon Eviction

Abstracts from the 5th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

Defining Elements of Feasibility for White-Tailed Deer Fertility Control Programs -- PA. Salmon and H B. Underwood
Effects of Immunocontraception on White-tailed Deer Fawns -- LA. Thiele, R.E. Naugle, A.T. Rutberg, andL.W. Adams.
Does Immunocontraception Affect Rutting Behavior in White-tailed Deer? -- F.D. Verret and H B. Underwood
The Use of Forest Habitats by the European Rabbit and Its Impact on Forest Trees -- J. Whelan, M.J. Hannan, A. Dowries, and T. Hyde
Controlling Locally Abundant Deer Numbers with Hunting: What Does It Take? -- R.J. Winchcombe and W.M. Healy
Introduced Wildlife Species: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- G.W. Witmer and J.C.Lewis