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June 1999


Reflections On NADCA's Two Decades -- Robert M. Timm, PROBE Editor
Video review: "Whitetails at the Crossroads" Northeast Deer Technical Committee, Griff en Productions (produced with a grant from Wildlife Restoration Funds, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). 1996. 30 minutes.
Coyote Subdued in Central Park, New York
Supplement: The insert in this issue is a retrospective, gleaned from the 100+ issues of THE PROBE that 'Fitz' composed and published. For some of you long-time NADCA members, this will bring back memories and recollections of the issues of the 80s, as the federal ADC agency (and all ADC practitioners) struggled to survive. For you newer members, you'll get a glimpse of the frustrations and efforts that were a part of NADCA's creation and growth.