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July 1999


Bird Strike USA Meeting a Success -- Eugene LeBoeuf, Bird Strike Scientist, HQ Air Force Safety Center, KirtlandAFB, New Mexico, and Past President, NADCA
Position Available: Wildlife Biologist, JFK Airport
Hawk Starts Grass Fire
Juicy Fruit Gum Remedy Story Persists
Cambodian Artifacts Threatened by Bats
Predator Killings Planned: State Game Managers Target Cougars, Coyotes
Video review: "Cleaning Skulls for Pleasure or Profit" by Ken Carver, Maplewood, MN. VHS. Approx. 120 minutes. $19.95 postpaid.
House Backs Funding of Program That Targets Predators
Armadillos Considered Delicacies By Some; Leprosy Threat by Others