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September 1999


USFWS to Explore Canada Goose Management Strategies -- from a press release issued Aug. 3 by the US. Fish & Wildlife Service, written by Chris Tollefson.
Anti-Trapping Measure Passes House
Oregon Legislature Moves To Ensure Safety Of Its Citizens Against Cougars
Acord Promoted Away From Wildlife Services
New State Director US DA/APHIS in Mississippi is Kristina Godwin
BOOk R e v i e w : "Living With Wildlife: How to Enjoy, Cope With, and Protect North America's Wild Creatures Around Your Home and Theirs," The California Center for Wildlife, with Diana Landau and Shelley Stump. San Francisco: A Sierra Club Book. 1994. 340 pp. + index $15.00.
French Shepherds Protest Predators
Rabbit Calicivirus Kills 65% of Rabbit Population

Abstracts from the 2nd International Wildlife Management Congress, Hungary

Crop Damage by Wildlife in Northern Ghana – O. I. Aalangdon* and A.S. Langyintuo, *Dept. of Renewable Natural Resources, University for Development Studies, Tamale Northern Region, Ghana
Large Predators in Slovenia On the Way from Near Extermination to Overprotection and Back: Is Conservation Management of Large Predators in Cultural Landscapes Possible At All? -- M. Adamic, Chair of Wildlife Ecology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Human-wolf Conflicts in the East Baltic: Past, Present, and Future -- Z. Andersone*, L. Balciauskas, and H. Valdmann., *Kemeri National Park, KemeriJurmala, Latvia
Gray Wolf Restoration in the Northwestern United States -- E.E. Bangs*, J.A. Fontaine, D.W. Smith, C. Mack, and C. C. Niemeyer, *U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Helena, MT
The Impact of Changing U.S. Demographics on the Future of Deer Hunting -- R. D. Brown, Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Management of Overabundant Marcropods in Nature Reserves: 6 Case Studies from Southeastern Australia -- G. Coulson, Dept. of Zoology,University of Melbourne,Parkville, Victoria, Australia