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December 1999


NADCA: A Proud History, A New Future -- Robert H. Schmidt, President, NADCA
Position Announcement: WILDLIFE ECOLOGIST - Urban Wildlife & Urban-Human Conflict Management Illinois Natural History Survey, Urbana-Champaign, IL
In Memoriam: Guy R. Hodge
Personnel Changes in USDA Wildlife Services: Two new State Directors
Book review: "Wildlife of the New Millennium: A Field Guide" by Buck Peterson. Published by Longstreet Press, Marietta, Georgia 1999. (152 pages, illustrated. $11.95) ISBN 1-56352-546-1
Euthanasia Chamber Available from Pioneer Wildlife Control of Westwood, MA

Abstracts from the 6th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society - September 1999, Austin, TX
Public health significance of bat rabies in Texas -- Alexander, James L.
Effectiveness of hot sauce® and deer away® repellents for deterring elk browsing on aspen trees -- Andelt, William F.*, Dan L. Baker, Kenneth P. Burnham, and Wayne D. Shepperd.
Evaluation of GnRH-toxin conjugate as an irreversible contraceptive in female mule deer -- Baker, Dan L..*, Torrance M. Nett, N. Thompson Hobbs, R. Bruce Gill, and Michael M. Miller.
A new anthraquinone based avian foraging repellent -- Blackwell, Bradley F., Thomas W. Seamans, and Richard A. Dolbeer
Nutria eradication in Maryland - partnerships at the private, state, and federal levels -- Bounds, Dixie L.*, Keith M. Weaver, and Robert C. Colona
Bobcats as biological control agents for rabbit and nutria on Singing River Island, Mississippi -- Bowman, Jacob L.*, Michael J. Chamberlain, Bruce D. Leopold, and Bruce W. Plowman
Putting bat conflicts in the U.S. in perspective: Why all the fuss? -- Chipman, RichardB.*, Dennis Slate, William F. Siemer, and Kenneth J. Preusser.
Ecology and management of urban Canada geese -- Conover, Michael R.
Using citizen task forces to educate communities about wildlife management issues -- Curtis, Paul D.*, and Rebecca J. Stout
Educating the public about wildlife population dynamics: A key to managing problem species -- Dolbeer, Richard A.
Furbearer trapping, public opinion and responsible wildlife management: Why we shouldn't ignore consumptive use and public education -- Dwyer, Chris P.*, and Samara Trusso