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May 2000


NADCA Election in Progress
Berryman Institute Announces 1999 Awards
New Probe Editor to be Appointed: Larry Sullivan
Ken Garner Retires
Book Review: "Master Land Snaring: Canine and Coon Techniques, Effective in All Terrains." by Newt Sterling as told to Bob Noonan. 1999. 58 pages, illustrated.
NPCA Gets New Name
Lobster Plates: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is fighting to prevent the return of the lobster to Maine's automobile license plates.
Active Antis in the Northwest
Animal Rights Violence on Increase

Abstracts from the 6th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society:
Monitoring of Sin Nombre Hantavirus in deer mice of the Southwest, USA -- Robinson, Rhonda /., Kathryn D. Bennett, James R. Biggs, Timothy K. Haarmann, David C. Keller, and Mary E. Salisbury
Predators in the classroom: A prickly paradigm for educators -- Rollins, Dale
Trends in bat rabies in the U.S.: Shaping public health policy -- Rupprecht, Charles E., Sharon B. Messenger, and Jean S. Smith