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January 1994


H-E-L-P ! -- James E. Forbes, Incoming President
Assistantships Available: M.S. or Ph.D. assistantships (2) in the Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife, Utah State University.
NADCA Annual Meeting on March 2
Election Results for Officers: President: James E. Forbes; V.P. (East): James E. Miller; V.P. (West): James Winnat; Secretary: Michael Hoy; Treasurer: Wesley Jones
Regional Directors: 1 Mike Worthen, 2 Fred Knowlton, 3 William Rightmire, 4 Rosemary Heinen, 5 Scott Hygnstrom, 6 Scott Craven, 7 Laura Henze, 8 Eugene LeBoeuf, 9 Marty Fedrick
Looking Back -- Terrell P. Salmon, Outgoing President