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January 1998


NADCA Election Results!
PRESIDENT Robert H. Giles, Jr. (VA) VICE PRESIDENT - WEST Mark Collinge (ID) VICE PRESIDENT - EAST Pete Butchko (MS) SECRETARY Richard B. Chipman (VT) TREASURER Grant Huggins (OK)
REGIONAL DIRECTORS: Western (1): Diane deLorimier (CA) Southern Rockies (2): GaryWitmer (CO) Northern Rockies (3): George E. Graves (ID) South Central (4): James R. Gallaspy (LA) North Central (5): James C. Luchsinger (NE) Great Lakes (6): Mike Dwyer (OH) Northeastern (7): Jerry L. Pickel (PA) Centraleastern (8): JohnM. Houben (VA) Southeastern (9): D. Tommy King (MS)
From Our Incoming President: An Opinion....-- Robert H. Giles, Jr.
Carrie Hunt and her pack of Karelian bear dogs are helping reduce human-bear conflicts in such places as Yosemite National Park.
Predator Studies from Sul Ross State University, Texas -- Charles David Altman, Jr. and William Christen Madsen, Jr.,
Booklet Review: "Beaver Snaring" by Arthur Simmerman, Illustrations by Steve Petruzates

More Reports From the 4th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society:
North American Public Attitudes Toward Predators, Predation, and Predator Management MarkBrunson, Terry A. Messmer, David G. Hewitt, and Douglas Reiter,
The Importance of Long-Term Monitoring of Ungulate Populations and Factors Affecting Their Fluctuations Ludwig N. Carbyn,
Fiscal Effects of Voter Initiatives to Ban Certain Methods of Bear and Cougar Hunting: Oregon's Experience Christopher N. Carter
Cultural Control of Damage to Alfalfa Caused by Plains Pocket Gophers RonaldM. Case*, Debra S. Baker, James C. Luchsinger, and Bruce A. Jasch,
Management of Crop Damage by Deer at Chesapeake Farms, MD Mark C. Conner,
New Approaches to Management of Problem Canada Goose Populations James Cooper* and Thomas Keefe,
Flavor Avoidance Learning and Its Implications in Reducing Hazards to Nontarget Animals Abderrahim El Hani, J. Russell Mason, Dale L. Nolte, and Robert H. Schmidt
Predation of Artificial Nests in Grassland / Shrubland Fragments in Western Tennessee Troy L. Ettel, David A. Buehler, and Allan E. Houston
Potential Hazards Associated with Currently Registered Rodenticides Kathleen A. Fagerstone and Edward W. Schafer, Jr.