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September 2000


A Message From Our New President -- Dr. Michael Conover
An Update on AVMA's Euthanasia Guidelines -- Robert H. Schmidt,
Some residents of Colorado want to start an emergency bear feeding program. Local wildlife officials say this idea is ridiculous and would only serve to make the bears more dependent on humans.
Bureau of Alcholhol Tobacco & Firearms Halts Sales of Pyrotechnics by the Reed-Joseph International Company of Greenville Mississippi.
The North American Animal Liberation Front (ALF) took responsibility for an early morning break-in and subsequent release of lab animals at a Genesis Laboratories facility in Wellington, Colorado
NEW YORK Governor George Pataki signed a bill that bans the use of Avitrol in New York cities with populations over one million.
Larry Sullivan named new editor of The Probe
NWCOA National Certification Program -- Tim Julien, President, NWCOA
West Nile Virus Range Expanding
West Nile Virus Found in Racoons
The principle cause of death of mice caught in a multiple catch trap is hypothermia—a loss of body heat.