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January 2001


Trap-Shy Feral Cats in Public Settings -- Susan Darling Greene
Why Worry About Human-Wildlife Conflicts? -- Mike Conover, President, NADCA
Imunoconctraception For Deer Control Shown to Be Ineffective
The USDA announced a settlement that would extend protection under the Animal Welfare Act to rats, mice, and birds used in laboratory research.
The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management: ttp://wildlifedamage.unl.edu -- Dallas Virchow, Proj. Coord., Distance Ed., Wildlife Damage Management,University of Nebraska
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 has recently ordered New Tech International (Warren, MI) to stop selling the unregistered pesticide Kritter Killer.
Since all snakes lack external ears, are snakes deaf?
Washington D.C. is cracking down on rats and the city residents who feed them, according to the Associated Press.