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May 2001


NADCA's Future Mission -- Mike Conover, NADCA President
NADCA's Future: Comments from a Regional Director -- John Baroch, NADCA Southwest Regional Director
Some of Montana's most notorious grizzly bears, incarcerated for defeating "bear-proof garbage containers are being put on work duty instead of death row.
A 1996 attack by a black bear on a 16-year old Arizona girl at a U.S. Forest Service campground has greatly changed the way western state and federal agencies approach public bear-awareness programs.
How do animals that never or rarely drink water maintain water balance, especially those animals living in arid environments?
The Proceedings of the recent symposium "The Role of Predator Control as a Tool in Game Management" is available for purchase.
A Pima County Superior Court jury recently ruled against the City of Tucson, Arizona and awarded $450,000 to a 26-year-old women who injured her ankle in 1995 when she tripped in a depression in the ground at a city park. The depression allegedly was caused by a burrowing rodent.
NADCA's Future: Editor's Comments
NADCA's Future: Members' Comments