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September 2001


Regional Directors Address NADCA's Future -- Chad Richardson & Sam Linhart
South Carolina State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources was justified in issuing permits to kill 200 deer in an effort to control the white-tailed deer population of the Sea Pines Plantation (SPP) on Hilton Head Island.
The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is claiming credit for a September 9 firebombing at a Tucson, Arizona, McDonald's restaurant.
Biologists from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (DFWR) have begun using "hair traps" to get an estimate of the state's black bear population.
A pet shop worker died of a severe heart ailment caused by rat bite fever, a rare infection that he contracted by cutting his finger on a rat cage, doctors said.
What causes rat bite fever and what are the symptoms? Rat bite fever (RBF) is caused by two different organisms.
The proceedings of the 2nd European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference have now been published under the title: "Advances in Pest Management II" (ISBN: 3-930831-38-4). This peer-reviewed book contains some 30 papers on advances in the field.
The latest Berryman Institute publication, "Exclusionary Methods to Reduce Predation on Groundnesting Birds and Their Nests" (Jimenez et al. 2001), is available.